CommanDoor No Touch Tool

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Keep the germs at bay with our touchless keychain tool door opener. Open doors, flush toilets, push many types of buttons, keypads and more while avoiding the need to touch germ-ridden public surfaces during COVID - 19, coronavirus, cold, and flu seasons. Conveniently stores on your keychain for easy access.
Common uses include:
  • Opening Public Doors
  • Turning On & Off Light Switches
  • Flushing Toilets
  • Turning On & Off Sinks
  • Pushing Shopping Carts
  • Carrying Groceries
  • Opening Mailboxes
  • Pushing Buttons (ATMs, Gas Pumps, Elevators, Credit Card Machines)
You may sterilize as often as you like. Please use hot water and soap or a mild bleach solution.  Proudly manufactured in Savannah, GA, USA.